Welcome to the Montana Perinatal Quality Collaborative informational page!

What is the MPQC? The MPQC is a network of maternal and infant care providers and public health professionals working to improve health outcomes for mothers and babies. Our goal is to identify health care practices and processes that need to be improved, collect and share data, and collaborate with birthing hospitals throughout Montana to improve statewide outcomes through continuous quality improvement.

The MPQC is a subset of the Montana Perinatal Association. While the MPA emphasizes education, the MPQC serves as the "active arm" to work on statewide projects including:
  • How to bring resources, education, and opportunities to smaller rural hospitals
  • Partnership with the State, help to identify gaps, and collaborate to address common goals
  • Share policies, procedures, order sets, etc. and serve as a resource hospitals providing perinatal care.

Mission Statement:
"Promoting maternal and infant health in Montana through education, collaboration and influence of state policy."